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Shark Mesh Strap for PVD Dive and Military Watches
Watch Strap
(Suitable for Luminox, Vostock, MWC, Military, Dive Watches watches)
Material: Stainless Steel
Fits Widths: mm
Price: 64.99



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I am delighted to present this superb quality shark mesh watch band. It is extremely high quality and that will make a great replacement or supplement to your current watch strap. This gives your military or luxury watch etc. etc. a beautiful new facelift and gives you a welcome change. It is made of high grade 316L stainless steel. This material is renowned for its tensile strength, corrosion resistant properties and its antibacterial properties as well. It will not oxidise or stain with age due to the way it is manufactured. It features a double flick lock, highly polished buckle which will keep your watch safe and on your wrist where you want it. I have supplied these straps to members of the forces currently serving abroad - they have been delighted with the comfort and performance in harsh conditions. The band has been measured and shown to withstand pulling forces of up to 30kgs - this is seriously strong. Weight - 78 grams. Deceptively light for such a strong piece of kit. Each side is 850mm long including two H links that can be removed at 11mm each - it is highly adjustable. The strap is fully guaranteed against defects during manufacture - this does not include shark attack...






Band Width: