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Bezel Insert for Rolex GMT16700 GMT II Black / Red 16713,16718,16750,16718,16753, and 16758
Watch Strap
(Suitable for For Rolex watches)
Material: Aluminium
Fits Widths: mm
Price: 24.99



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This is a superb quality brand new replacement bezel insert for your Rolex GMT watch. This is designed to fit Rolex models: 16700,16713,16718,16750,16718,16753, and 16758 The inside edge diameter is 31mm , the outside edge diameter is 37.5mm Bezel inserts frequently get scratched and marked making your luxury watch look somewhat less than its best. Fitting a brand new bezel insert is a fantastic way to rejuvenate the looks of your watch. This is made from highest quality aluminium (not plastic like some inserts available). This means that it has the inherent ability to resist corrosion and is less brittle meaning that this piece is durable and will keep its good looks. The colour is fast, glossy and reflective and will fit your watch beautifully. The bezel will snap to fit your watch bezel but also has an adhesive strip to make sure that it remains secure. This is due to the aging of the watch the bezel itself wears tiny amounts and this means that often the insert will not simply snap in place. This is frequently the reason for loss of the bezel age, wear and perhaps a contributory knock! Purists will say that there should be no no glue but they are often service centers looking to sell you 50 - 100 for a repair and possibly a service for 400! Please look at the excellent tutorial on the link to see how to fit your superb new bezel. I have simple promise to you. If you buy the bezel and do not like it return for a full refund (less postage costs). Obviously the bezel cannot be marked or damaged. We want you to be happy with the products you buy from us. This bezel is NOT made by Rolex but is a superb replacement part.






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