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Steel Bracelet for Rolex
Watch Strap
(Suitable for Rolex watches)
Material: Stainless Steel
Fits Widths: 20mm
Length: 20
Price: 39.99



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I am delighted to present this superb quality refined stainless steel watch band. It is extremely high quality and will make a great replacement or supplement to your current watch strap. Available in 18, 20, 22 mm versions - the 20mm will fit your Submariner. Curved endlinks so it can attach easily to any Rolex 18, 20mm 22mm watch model. This gives your Rolex a beautiful new facelift and gives you a welcome change for your watch. It is made of high grade 316L high tensile stainless steel - with solid links, not the awful cheap folded ones you see from China! This steel is renowned for its tensile strength, corrosion resistant properties and its antibacterial properties. It will not oxidise or stain with age due to the way it is manufactured. The band has been measured and shown to withstand pulling forces of up to 30 kgs - this is seriously strong. Feels incredibly comfortable - flexible yet strong as well. Please do not listen to those who argue endlessly that a strap should be heavy as if that means that it is high quality. Check your Rolex strap - it is actually light and in keeping with a suitable bracelet for the size and weight of the watch. The total length is 180mm including the butterfly clasp and it has seven adjustable links. These are adjusted through high quality pins. The strap is fully guaranteed against defects during manufacture. The strap does NOT have Rolex markings on it.






Band Width: