Father's Day Date 2021 and Gift Box Ideas


First off, the date you are looking for in the UK is 20th June 2021 (just adding the year there in case. I did have a good friend and colleague who turned up for a conference a year early so maybe not quite as silly as it seems). In case you are wondering it is exactly the same date for our good friends in the USA and Canada.

That's the easy bit covered. Now what to buy Dad, Father, Papa, Paps...whatever term of endearment you use. What you need to know is a gift idea that is not going to break the bank and, most importantly, that he will really like and so probably use.

This is where we can help with some wonderful gift box ideas for him that I can virtually guarantee you he will never have had before. A gift set of brand new beautiful watch straps. If you stop and think about the jewellery that men wear is very limited compared to women, obviously. A ring, OK. Very little you can do with that. But now think of that watch loving Dad of yours...What would he like on Father's Day, or indeed his birthday or any other day for that matter, a set of beautiful high quality watch straps.

Our NATO gift packs are perfect because they allow Dad to easily change his straps to suit his mood or the occasion. Regardless of that occasion, he can simply change the look of his treasured watch and NATOs are just right for this. Although ostensibly a casual strap they can look dressy and refined too. Our Bond collection is a perfect example of this and, of course, perfect for the Bond fan Dad. All men, to some degree, think they are James Bond - suave, sophisticated, irresistible and dangerous. Indulge Father with the Bond gift set and he gets a little bit more to living out his dream as Daniel Craig. Maybe his slightly more advancing years means he will be thinking more of Sean Connery or perhaps Roger Moore. Whether he admires Brosnan or Dalton the Bond NATO gift pack will allow him.

You can buy the box sets on our site here. We have a whole range available in different styles and looks grouped according to interests. So if Dad is into his militaria and likes watches then we have  a military green NATO, an RAF tribute strap in red, white and blue and a stunning khaki and grey edge NATO too. A perfect gift for the Dad who is into military history of whichever period, World War One, Two or Vietnam...the colours will work well with his watch collection.

We also have a lovely Spitfire collection, a homage to the Mitchell's amazing fighter which has become iconic of the Second World War itself. Here in beautiful Kent, scene of much of the aerial duels of the War, we are lucky enough to regularly hear the sound of the Spitfire as it either flies to airshows or aviation enthusiasts fly alongside for an unforgettable experience. The Spitfire collection features our RAF NATO, a lighter blue strap and a beautiful dark blue that works particularly well with the Omega Seamaster, or indeed any watch that has blue on the dial, bezel or hands.

The classic edge collection is a particular favourite. These straps are classy and refined and work well with a whole range of watches as they work to pick up and accent colours on the watch itself. Omega as a brand popularised these but they work well with other brands as well. Whatever watch Dad has, he will be pleased to receive this on Father's Day

If a NATO gift set isn't what you think your father is after then you can also simply browse our site for an individual strap for a particular watch. We have straps for all brands Rolex, Omega, Panerai, Citizen, Seiko...you name the brand and we will have a strap that will allow Dad to have a pleasant surprise when he opens his gift on Father's Day. No more disappointment with socks, jumpers or other sundry items that he will ruefully consign to the back of the cupboard, or worse still, a bin.

Make Fathers Day 2021, June 20th,  the day he'll remember for the present that transformed his watch or watch collection.