Introducing the new revolutionary hemp NATO watch strap.

Introducing our revolutionary hemp fibre NATO watch strap. A really comfortable and great looking strap that is versatile in looks – great as a casual strap but good looking enough to carry off a formal event. The great thing about this NATO strap is that is made from hemp which has so many great qualities which make it just perfect for a watch strap – something that is going to sit next to your skin each day. So what are those great qualities?


Black hemp nato on omega speedmaster

The Omega Speedmaster looks great on the 20mm Black Hemp NATO. Buy here.

  • Firstly, hemp is one of the strongest and most durable natural fibres. So we have two key important qualities for a watch band. It is made from 100% natural fibres but is also very, very strong. It will keep your watch exactly where you need it, on your wrist.
  • Interestingly the older hemp gets, the softer it gets. So in many ways hemp bucks the trend of, well, virtually everything. It actually gets better with age! Again, great for wearing your watch over time but also meaning that it gets more comfortable over time.
  • One of the key benefits of hemp as a watch band material is that it is highly resistant to UV, mould and mildew. What this essentially means is that over time your strap will be slower to degrade and will last longer. If nothing else, I suppose that this means it represents better value. More importantly, when your hemp watch strap is on your wrist and you are perspiring this is not going to lead to a strap that rots over time.
  • Hemp is naturally a very absorbent material. Combined with the fact that it has excellent thermo regulating properties we are now looking at watch strap that is just perfect for outdoor enthusiasts whether that be running, cycling or any sport. You will not end up with uncomfortable chaffing around your wrist that you might well get with some inferior nylon NATOs.
  • As if this wasn’t good enough, hemp possesses anti bacterial properties. So yet again we are looking at a NATO watch band that is just right for sports people who may well end up discarding other straps as they quickly become mouldy and unpleasant.
  • It goes without saying that the strap is 100% Vegan. Why wouldn’t it be? It is made from 100% natural fibre hemp with steel fittings so no issues around animal exploitation can be levelled at this very environmentally friendly watch band.

Rolex Submariner on Black Hemp NATO watch strap

The Rolex Submariner looking classy on a black hemp NATO watch strap. Buy here.

We currently have these hemp NATO watch straps in black and green in both 20mm and 22mm sizes. The green is a stunning military shade while the black has that classic look that is a little bit more refined and dressier yet still casual looking. We are planning to expand our colour range over time. Let us know what colours and sizes you would like to see…