Bond "No Time to Die" to be released - time to buy Omega inspired watch straps...

Bond "No Time to Die", a new Seamaster and stunning watch bands - what's not to like?

Possibly the most long awaited cinematic release in history...Daniel Craig's last outing as James Bond featuring his co-designed stunning Omega Seamaster watch in "No Time to Die". So on the 30th September here in the UK we can finally go to the cinema to see the delayed and delayed again release of this Bond epic, having been postponed numerous times due to the Covid pandemic.

Daniel Craig's Co-Designed Omega Watch

Just as Craig reinvented Bond he has also, to some extent, reinvented the Seamaster through his role as 007. He took an active role in the design stage of this model's production leading to a slimmer, lower profile case. The strap options are something of a master stroke. An absolutely stunning NATO strap with colour combinations that work brilliantly with almost any watch and a Milanese band that provides a radically different strap option for the watch cognoscenti.

Stunning "No Time to Die" NATO

The NATO strap that this Seamaster comes with is simply stunning and has already become a bestseller in our webstore. I always maintain that photos cannot do this strap justice. Something that I have never claimed for any other strap and for good reason too. The colours on this particular NATO watch strap are just sublime. They are subtle, sophisticated and form a beautiful combination. Rather like Bond and his love interest. OK, that is the first and first and last cheesy Bond reference. One of the Craig's greatest achievements as Bond was to shift the character away from cheesy one liners, sexism and general naffness (much as we enjoyed all of that at the time!) You can buy the NATO watch strap here.

Milanese "No Time to Die" Watch Strap

The Milanese, fine mesh strap, that the Seamaster comes on is every bit as striking as the NATO. A beautiful butterfly clasp which is sturdy and strong sits astride a mesh band that boast a new design around the holes - visually appealing and highly functional. We have a couple of options available. One that is almost identical to the film band here.

James Bond No Time to Die Milanese Mesh watch strap

and one that is simply a stunning Milanese band firmly in the mould of Bond that customers have been delighted with here.

James Bond No Time to Die Milanese mesh 

 Whatever watch strap you eventually decide to purchase, NATO or steel mesh, enjoy the film when you get there and stay safe.

LuxuryWatchStraps team