Top Five Watch Straps for the Omega Speedmaster

One of the qualities that we really like about the Omega Speedmaster is the way it works with so many different styles of watch strap. There is something wonderfully versatile about the Speedy that means that it can work with a whole range of very different straps. The straps, in turn, seem to transform the Speedmaster into a very different watch with each different look. Here we want to take you through a variety of our favourite straps that work on the venerable Speedmaster.

5. Green Military NATO with Black Fittings

omega speedmaster on military nato

This strap makes the Speedmaster into a mean, military watch. The black PVD fittings work particularly well with the dial and bezel of the Speedmaster. This is a great example of just how versatile the Speedmaster is working well on almost whatever strap you put it on. Definitely, more a casual look for the watch.

4. Black Grey Edge Ultimate NATO watch strap

omega speedmaster on ultimate nato watch strap


So, now the Omega Speedmaster is transformed into a different watch again. More refined. More sophisticated. Dressier but still more casual. This strap is extremely soft and comfortable. It comes with high quality brushed steel fittings that lend it that slightly more casual air and work seamlessly with the look of the watch. The black obviously blends in well with the watch face. Strap and watch complementing each other, just as it should be!


3. Refined Steel Mesh Watch Strap

omega speedmaster refined steel mesh strap

This is a different look again. More sophisticated, a little dressier. This is the Speedmaster going out for the evening, possibly to a more upmarket function. The fine steel mesh here works particularly well with the steel case highlighting the beautiful, iconic dial of the watch itself. A highly adjustable clasp means that this will be the perfect fit for your wrist. Elegant, dressy and stylish.


2. Green Military Dense Twill Ultimate NATO

omega speedmaster military green

OK. So NATOs are featuring very heavily here but just look how amazing the Omega Speedmaster is on the dense twill military green NATO. Super cool, looking mean again but still with that refined look that defines the Speedmaster. The heavy brushed steel fittings give this look a more casual and rugged feel. This just about sums how great the Speedmaster is on a whole variety of different straps.

1. Blue Silicone Rubber Strap

omega speedmaster silicone rubber strap


So this is the surprise one! We were all expecting to see the classic steel bracelet here but this is the curve ball. The thing is - the Speedmaster with it's signature chronograph blue dial just looks stunning on blue straps. The inspiration for this strap came from an Instagram post where someone was wearing their beloved Speedy on a blue strap. It looked perfect! Maybe we need to be more open minded about strap colour choices. It is very nice to be surprised by a combination that you would think would not marry well at all.

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