What watch strap / bracelet for your Rolex Submariner?

When you own something as iconic as a Rolex Submariner you want the watch on the best possible bracelet or strap. Navigating the array of aftermarket watch bands and comparing with oyster watch bracelets, amongst others, can be tricky. For most the option of buying a replacement bracelet direct from Rolex is prohibitively expensive. This is where luxurywatchstraps steps in. We stock a huge variety of Rolex strap types. If you are after a Rolex bracelet for your 16610 then we have just the strap at a very attractive price point.

rolex submariner bracelet strap

Many of the watch cognoscenti are after a different look for their Sub and are choosing something different. Shark mesh draws attention to the Subs core purpose - diving, going into the depths. Please don't expect the strap to protect against a Great White, it might, though, be deterred by your sartorial elegance.

rolex submariner shark mesh

Then there are a huge range of NATOs that can transform your Submariner literally from day to day. There are some who feel it is sacrilege to wear a Sub on a fabric strap, it has to be steel. Others, with a more relaxed outlook, love to have their Submariner on a more casual strap - perhaps less refined and more understated.

rolex submariner green military nato


Whatever strap or bracelet you choose for your treasured Rolex Submariner watch - browse our store to buy the perfect item...