Why have Milanese mesh watch straps have become so popular?

Milanese, also called Milanaise, mesh straps have quite some history. Over the past few years they have enjoyed a resurgence of interest from the watch cognoscenti who are choosing this style of watch strap for their treasured Swiss, and indeed non-Swiss, watches.

Unlike shark mesh, Milanese mesh straps are finer. They are extremely comfortable to wear, supple and perhaps, most importantly - look stunning on a great watch. IWC, Breitling and Omega have chosen this particular type of strap for a number of their popular watch models. There is no doubt that large international brands opting for this mesh have driven the growth in sales of this style of strap. Recently, the Daniel Craig co-designed Omega Seamaster was released with a Milanese mesh strap. Bond always leads to a surge in popularity and sales.

The venerable history of this style of strap adds to its cache. Milanese watch bands originated from, unsurprisingly Milan. It is the intricate design of the mesh work that led to the style being used on watches. The production is artisanal and has been a specialty of this area for centuries. The design is recognised specific by dense and tight mesh, which makes them especially smooth to the wrist.

Good looking, historic yet modern, comfortable - it is no wonder this style of strap is so incredibly popular.