Collection: Spring bars or watch pins for Luxury Swiss Watches - Rolex, Omega, Breitling, Longines etc.

The quality of these is second to none - precision engineered to ensure the right fit.

Made, as you would expect, from 316L stainless steel - a material renowned for its anti bacterial and anti corrosion properties (these will not rust).

The springs are superb compression springs made from pre-hardened stock - they will maintain that essential pressure for your watch to stay where it needs to - on your wrist. They have been strenuously tested for the vital combination of elasticity and rigidity, again vital in this component.

They feature high quality collars (flanges) to ensure easy fitting and removal. If you have ever had to cut off nasty spring bars without this feature you will know the importance of the collars to make fitting easy but also to prevent damage to the watch in the process.
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